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Why physical activity matters now more than ever

Source: Medical Xpress

Exercise not only helps people with long-term conditions better manage their health but also boosts the immune system. So how can we support more people to be physically active?

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Tips for Treating Your Bicep Pain at Home


The bicep muscle is one of the most important muscles for your upper body strength. An injury to this hardworking muscle can make day-to-day tasks difficult.

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New technique uses the principles of mortise and tenon joints for repair of unstable shoulders


Surgical techniques to treat recurrent shoulder instability are effective but prone to non-union of bone grafts held in place by screws alone. A study published online by The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery suggests that a new technique – borrowing a design used for centuries in Chinese architecture and woodworking – can provide an effective approach to shoulder stabilization.

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How to treat a bruised knee

Source:Medical News Today

Most bruises, also known as contusions, are mild and heal on their own. However, more severe contusions can damage muscle tissue or bone, which may take longer to heal.

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Evaluating the role of early weight-bearing in patients with ankle fractures


Early weight-bearing at 2 weeks versus 6 weeks after open reduction and internal fixation of ankle fractures shows significant improvement in general health outcomes without increased complications.

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What to know about kneecap dislocation

Source: Medical News Today

A kneecap becomes dislocated when the patella bone, which sits at the front of the knee, comes out of position. In the process, the connective tissues that hold the bone in place may stretch and tear.

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How Is a Rotator Cuff Tear Diagnosed?

Source: healthline

A doctor or physiotherapist can use one of more than 25 functional tests during a physical exam to diagnosis a torn rotator cuff. Some of these tests directly indicate a rotator cuff injury and others rule out similar injuries like nerve impingement or torn labrum.

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A Lengthy Delay in Rotator Cuff Surgery May Increase the Odds of Needing a Revision

Source: ICJR

According to a retrospective study from researchers at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), patients who underwent surgery 6 weeks to 12 months after a rotator cuff tear diagnosis had better outcomes than those who delayed surgery for more than 12 months.

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Will an Ankle Arthroscopy and Removal of Bone Spurs Help Me?

Source: Healio

The advent of ankle arthroscopy has eliminated the need for open arthrotomy for a number of disorders ranging from loose bodies, soft tissue impingement, osteochondral lesions, and even some arthrodesis. The critical question in regard to the patient described above is to determine if the lesion is simple impingement or osteoarthritis.

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Is There Such a Thing as Good Pain and When Should You Listen to Your Body?

Source: healthessentials

Weight-bearing and cardiovascular activities stress the body. As a result of that stress, we enhance our strength and endurance. By pushing our physical boundaries, we optimize our athletic performance. But this process is almost always at the cost of feeling some level of pain.

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